Last Minute (Online) Shopping

Juva BarberBlog

Christmas is a little more than a week a way, and I’m not ready at all. I’m taking the day off today to try to find the toys included in the letters to Santa, and hoping that there will still be something available that my little ones want. Like so many people, I will also be doing much of my shopping online this year – looking for something – anything – that UPS can deliver to my house before December 24. And, thanks to all the work our members have done – not just those that build and design our roads and bridges or the rail companies, airport authorities, riverport directors and transit operators who provide the transportation services – … Read More

Like My Mama Always Says, “Time Waits For No Man and Very Few Women.”

Juva BarberBlog

My mama is full of little sayings. One of her favorites is “Time waits for no man and very few women.” This past year has certainly proven my mama’s cliché. Time has flown by this year. I still can’t believe I’m attending Christmas parties for 2017 and planning the 2018 Kentucky Transportation Conference – it just doesn’t seem possible that it should be time yet. But the fact remains it is! And, the one reality we all face is that time will pass whether we like it or not. That’s true for us personally – and it ‘s true when it comes to our issues. The longer we wait to address our transportation issues in this state, the more it … Read More

Transportation Transformed Southeast Kentucky; New Projects Could Do the Same

David CaldwellBlog

Transportation can be transformative. Take the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. More than 20 years ago, the tunnels, each carrying two-lanes of traffic, were bored through 4,100-feet of solid rock. This transportation route transformed a steep, mountainous path with 12 percent grades down to 6 percent grades. As a result, there is greater access among the tristate area of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, which serves as a catalyst for economic development for the region. What used to be a dangerous trip is now a short commute, and the route is so well-used that it boasts one of the few non-interstate Cracker Barrels in the country. Superloads with multiple axles choose to use the tunnel instead of going across Jellico Mountain on I-75. … Read More

45 Million Road Travelers Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Juva BarberBlog

The holiday season kicked off last week with Thanksgiving. According to AAA, more than 51 million people traveled more than 50 miles from their homes using planes, trains, and driving on the roads. That’s an increase from previous years – and the highest level of travel in dozens of years, according to AAA’s report. That was a lot of people. To put it in perspective – that was like everyone in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, and Missouri traveling at the same time. Like I said – that was a lot of people. And the majority of those travelers drove. AAA estimated that 45 million people drove to their destination this past weekend. My family and I were … Read More