Reach Out To Your Legislator

Juva BarberBlog

We’ve passed the halfway mark.
The Kentucky General Assembly has now been in session for 36 days – leaving less than half the session to address lots of issues – including creating a long term, sustainable funding solution for Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure. It’s time for you – our members – to contact your Legislator and let them know that infrastructure matters to you and your community.
It matters because the transportation industry employs more than 40,000 people in the state of Kentucky. Without long term, sustainable funding those jobs are at stake.
It matters because the transportation infrastructure is key to economic development – no matter where you are in Kentucky.
It matters because transportation connects people to jobs, education, health care, and other basic human services every single day.
It matters because we currently move more than $500 billion worth of freight through Kentucky every year – and that number is expected to grow by 2045.
It matters because every dollar we spend investing in infrastructure has an immediate return of more than $3 – which means we immediately impact local communities.
It matters because our transportation network touches the life of every Kentuckian – every day and if we don’t adequately maintain it and regularly improve it, we will impact our state’s ability to be competitive.
All I ask is that you reach out to your Legislator – however you are most comfortable – and let them know we need to fund all modes of transportation in Kentucky.
Ask them to support legislation that builds Kentucky’s future by:
  1. Creating a multi-modal transportation fund using General Fund dollars to address our transit needs, rail crossing issues, riverport maintenance and construction needs, and airport maintenance and construction needs.
  2. Modernizing the motor fuels tax to recover the $200 million lost on an annualized basis due to the decrease in the AWP and increase the current tax rate to address immediate maintenance needs.
  3. Creating a new index for the tax rate that guarantees the revenues needed for the next 10 years.
  4. Modernizing other fees administered by KYTC.
  5. Reducing revenues diverted from the road fund for other purposes to recover at least $65 million per year.
  6. Establish a fee for electric and hybrid vehicles.
Now is the time for us to act – and if we don’t – who will?