House Bill 609 will increase revenue available for Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure. This comprehensive bill will increase the investment for maintenance and construction on Kentucky’s roadways and bridges by:

  • Modernizing fees, motor fuels tax and local revenue sharing.
  • Assessing a fee at registration on owners of hybrid and electric vehicles, among other things.

It also will create a new fund for all modes of transportation.

Here’s how to contact your legislator:

If you don’t know who your legislators are, you can look them up at:

Then, you can either email them by using the Legislative in-box through the link below. Please fill out the form and press “Submit Information:”

Or call them and leave a message through the free Legislative Message line at 800-372-7181.

As a result, HB 609 will invest another $268 million (by year 2019-2020) for state infrastructure projects, which would result in an economic impact of between $884 million to $1.3 billion. It also will provide important investment to local governments for their most pressing transportation needs.

In addition, HB 609 will support the more than $9 billion in economic development announcements as well as the hundreds of thousands of jobs in industries and agriculture that depend on efficient infrastructure. It also will increase safety.

To learn more about HB 609, download these informational PDFs:


Please email or call your legislator TODAY with the following message:

Increased investment in transportation infrastructure is crucial to Kentucky’s economy and safety. Please support House Bill 609. It provides an important first step to ensuring that all our modes of transportation will meet the needs of our workers, families, schools and job creators.

Kentucky’s budget also needs a $30 million investment to fund all modes of transportation (transit, rail, riverports and general aviation) and a reduction in the $130 million that is proposed to be diverted from the Road Fund to other agencies for non-construction purposes.